Fikapack is the subbranch of Plas Plastics Packaging, a 44 years old packaging firm that has been the supplier of both local and international food, beverage, edible oil, household chemicals and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Turkey. As one of the leading firms of rigid packaging, Plas has seen the rapid growth in coffee over the past decade and became aware of the fact that quality packaging was rather inaccessible for the market in Turkey.

This new sub-branch dedicated only to coffee and tea products, with its own separate production area has been established after the board’s decision in 2020. Since then Fikapack has been in constant communication with leading coffee firms and advisors to meet the needs of the market by offering the best packaging solutions possible.

Fikapack gives high emphasis on product and production quality and has furnished all of its quality control labs with equipment to apply required tests on its products, whether it is customer specific or an industry standard testing procedure. Our parent company Plas has ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 quality managements systems, which are in full effect and monitored continuously in all of its facilities.

Fikapack is located in a separate production area in our newest facility in Gebze, dedicated only to coffee and tea production business. Our research and development team is working in cooperation with our quality control lab to ensure the release of high quality and innovative products.

Fikapack aims to;

  • Meet food safety regulation standards of local and international authorities.
  • Ensure the best quality to its customers with continuous quality control during manufacturing. Our dedicated team runs quality tests at every step from green beans acceptance until the sealing of the capsule to ensure the packaging is made properly, making sure both the aroma and taste is well preserved.